lunes, septiembre 26, 2005

Música para la Gleba

Kelly Clarkson- Since you be gone
Young- Harvest moon
Evangelion, ending- Fly me to the moon
Radiohead- Sail to the moon
Blur-Out of time
Oasis- Layla
Soundgarden- Limo Wreck
Joy Division- She's lost control
Placebo- Bruise pristine
Placebo- Protegé moi
Cactus- Oleo
R.A.M- Guerrilla radio - turn that shit up
Sabina- Como te digo una co, te digo la O
Gardel- Mano a Mano
Pynk Floyd- Wish you where here
PJ Harvey- Big Exit
Hendrix- New rising sun
Shakti- Joy
Mahavishnu Orchestra- Birds of fire
Mahavishnu Orchestra- miles beyond
Portishead- It could be sweet
Juglar del Zappa- My guitar wants to kill your mamma
The Verbe- Gravity Grave
Type O negative- We hate everyone
Tool- Stink fist/Aenema
A perfect circle- The package/Weak and powerless
Rush- Natural Science. Simplemente sublime.
King Crimson- Larks Tongues in aspic, Part One
Muddy Waters- Baby please don't go (y sus infinitas versiones)
Chris Isaak- Baby did a bad bad thing

2 comentarios:

Joon dijo...

hey hay varias cosas que me gustan,no todo es malo, aunque esa monita rebeldita si tenás

don tomate dijo... musica del pueblo es la voz de dios? mejor, del diablo...