miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007

das nacionalitzchen-chacalen



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Addiction Kerberos dijo...

Since when, sons of Truth, are you brothers of the Night?
What has made your hands blood red?
The outbreak in the night is the flower of pain [?],
nothing can be excused by that.
The altar of lies will not be broken, the altar
that multiplies the form forever.
Immaculate portrait, bringer of light [?] without pain,
only protection for horrible nights
We are children of the ghost [spirit] and brothers of the Night,
that does not keep its promises. [?]
We are black spirits of this world,
we extol the mad shape of sorrow
The explanation is the whip, and you drip of blood:
Break the mirror of the world for the hundredth time,
your hardship is in vain; we have defeated the Night.
Our debt is paid
and ours is the light)

Apologija Laibach

Lo último que escribió Tomaz Hostnik antes de colgarse. (antes de que lo colgaran)
El primer marciano nacionalsocialista en colonizar la tierra.